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IT Services That Can Help Your Business Become More Productive And Profitable

“When we were looking for a new IT support company, ASG was one of the most expensive quotes we received, BUT we quickly understood after speaking with them, that we were going to get a much better quality of services and support that we would have from a cheaper company.

What we like most about ASG is their commitment to their client’s success. The technicians are knowledgeable and they are always available when needed. Now with ASG’s Managed IT support, the computer and network issues are almost non-existent and if there is a problem ECEC is confident that it will be taken care of. We don’t worry about our network any longer.”

~ Christine Leffler, Eastern Connecticut Endoscopy Center

How To Eliminate Your Costly, Frustrating, And Time Consuming Computer Problems

It’s Time To Eliminate Costly, Frustrating, And Time Consuming Problems That You Are Having With Your Technologies.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Preventing computer and network problems and keeping your system up and running is what ASG’s managed IT services and support is all about. Businesses depend on their IT systems and the data they hold and they need ongoing monitoring and maintenance to stay efficient and secure.

Companies choose ASG Information Technologies because of our experienced technicians, proven process of delivering our proactive managed IT support and services, and our outstanding customer support. We are able to give your company better business results that other IT service providers.

Discover The Health Of Your Computer Network And Technologies

Free IT Consultation & Network Assessment

Make better informed and effective decisions regarding the security and efficiency of your technologies by starting with a full understanding of the current state of your computer network.

Our custom Network Assessment and IT Consultation is the first critical step in determining the current health of your business computer network and IT operations. The assessment only takes about 45 minutes.

After we review the assessment, we will sit down with you and discuss the findings in detail and answer any of your questions. We will also give you recommendations and solutions for the issues that were found during the assessment. This will be your first step in creating a strategic technology road map for your business.

Your technologies should protect & support your business goals – not hinder them.

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