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It’s amazing how so many business owners continue to put up with poor computer support and unsecure, outdated, and unreliable computer networks. Badly managed networks are disasters waiting to happen, seriously increasing the threat of security risks, increased downtime costs, and data loss if servers or workstations crash. It’s sad that so many businesses have yet to experience the positive effects that quality, proactively managed IT support can have on their bottom lines.

It can be difficult trying to choose which type of IT support is the best fit for your business. Computer support companies may all sound the same at times, but beware – in the IT industry an apple is not an apple. It may be tempting to try traditional break/fix support, but that model means that the IT team waits until something fails or breaks on the network, then scrambles to fix the issue. Some IT support companies will even slash their prices just to “get the sale,” then cut service to the bare bones. In either case, your business’s most important tool is being neglected, costing you and your company time and money in the long run.

At ASG we have a different philosophy of delivering IT support. We believe in delivering proactive, managed IT support to our clients. Instead of just fixing what’s already broken like a standard break/fix service, we focus on consistent performance and prevention. We stop problems from happening before they disrupt productivity and turn into costly issues like security breaches or data loss. Our focus is on the end result of our support – making our client’s businesses better!

Welcome to ASG Information Technologies. Browse our mobile pages or contact us immediately through the form or by calling 203-440-4413. For the ultimate in IT Support, Cloud & Mobile Solutions, Data Backup & Security and all other facets of IT support for businesses we are sure to accommodate your businesses needs. Thank you for visiting.

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1. Our Vision for Our Managed Clients’ IT

The vision we have for our clients’ IT, the process for delivering our support, and the desire to become just a vendor is what sets us apart from other IT support companies. (read more)

2. Our Commitment To You

We understand that you want a trusted relationship from your IT vendor. You are turning over the management of your critical IT processes that support your business, you can’t trust just anyone with that responsibility.

3. Our SUPER POWER Process of Delivering IT Support

Not all IT support companies are the same. There are many IT providers out there today that “Say” they are proactive and provide excellent support. Anyone can say those things, but at ASG we have documented processes and procedures and checks to ENSURE that you are going to get the best results of your IT investments.

4. Is This You?

Are you a Connecticut business with 10 to 100+ computer users who rely on the security and reliability of your network and you seek a trusted IT provider who can connect your business with technology to support your business goals?
If so, give us a call 203-440-4413.

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