Looking For A Solution To Eliminate Costly Server, Computer, And Network Problems?

  • Are you tried of constantly spending money to address the symptoms of IT problems and not the root cause?
  • Is your network downtime and slowness keeping your staff from their work and causing you to lose productivity?
  • Do you ever wonder if there is a better way to receive network support which will allow you to grow your business and attain your goals?

Effective IT Consulting and Technology Services are Essential for Connecticut Small Businesses. 

Our DirectLinx Managed IT Support plans allow us to use technology to solve your business problems. It's all about people, process, and technology!

Most business owners are too busy running their business to worry about the security, reliability, stability, or the problems of their computer network.   In addition, most do not have an internal IT person to keep a watchful eye on their network's health and security, and perform regular and critical maintenance that ALL computer networks need because it is too costly to staff one themselves which may put their business at risk.

With our IT Consulting and DirectLinx Managed IT Support, business owners can now focus on revenue-producing initiatives, instead of dealing with IT problems, network downtime, data loss and unproductive employees dealing with computer problems.

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Advantages of our DirectLinx
Managed IT Support Plans

Predictable Costs 
With o
ur Elite DirectLinx Managed IT Service Plan,
you will receive all your IT services for one monthly price.

Lower Costs
Hiring an IT person on your payroll is extremely costly for a business compared
to using a IT Managed Service provider where business owners can enjoy the
cost effective IT  benefits without all of the costs.

Higher Employee Productivity
For most businesses, their employees are their biggest expense; keeping your staff efficient and working is a very important factor for business owners. Reducing your business impact of IT failures by minimizing their occurrence is key, but when there is a problem, having an IT Help Desk available to help get the employee back to work is a huge benefit.

More Secure Network

Security risks are a fact of life when dealing with computers, networks, and employees. Having a proactive security plan to secure your computer network is essential to protecting it and your data from harm. With ASG's DirectLinx Managed IT Services, your business is well protected from common IT security threats.

Gain Peace of Mind
Having your IT network running efficiently so you can spend your time running your business is essential for all business owners. Gain peace of mind knowing that your network is being managed and watched over 24-hours a day. When you and your employees need help, our Help Desk Services are available.

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