Manufacturing IT Solutions

If you manufacture a product in Connecticut you are a cyber target. Never mind that it’s a simple device or who it is used by, the fact is when you have proprietary information you instantly become a target for hackers and malware. Who knows who would like to get their hands on your research and development information, but the important question to ask is are you protected in case someone does?

At ASG Information Technologies we offer real-time IT solutions that ensure your business not only runs at the highest capacity but is also protected from the many threats lurking on the web. Today all it takes is one opened email or an accidental visit to the wrong web site to put your company data at risk. We specialize in consulting with manufacturers to learn what their unique needs are and how to develop custom managed IT plans that will ensure your business is safe.

Manufacturing can be a very lucrative business but only if you take the time to protect what is yours. Cyber threats are everywhere and when your business runs on networks and software systems you are at risk for malware, viruses and malicious attacks. Don’t let your business fail because of a glitch that could have been prevented.

Contact ASG Information Technologies today and learn how we can help protect your manufacturing business.