Non Profit Organizations IT Solutions

When you work in non-profit you may think your altruistic endeavor is immune from a cyber threat. The fact is hackers target vulnerable systems and if your organization does not have the right anti-virus software or firewall installed your donor information can be the target of a cyber attack. Everyday businesses around the world discover the hard way why they need IT support.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking because you are a non-profit your organization doesn’t have information that is of value. You will most likely have donor information and contacts with state and federal agencies that can be very damaging in the wrong hands. At ASG Information Technologies we know how valuable your data is and we offer practical and affordable IT service plans that will safeguard your business from costly errors.

We help many non-profit businesses in Connecticut streamline their network operations and protect their data. If you are concerned about the safety of your non-profit business, contact ASG Information Technologies today and take the steps necessary to keep your organization safe.