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Passed by Congress and signed into law by President Bill Clinton in 1996, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA, established national standards and for health insurance providers and electronic healthcare transactions. The Final Rule on Security Standards was issued as a compliment to the bill in 2003.

HIPAA is now federally mandated for over 7,000,000 doctor’s offices, insurance companies, healthcare clearing houses and anyone else who deals with legally Protected Health Information (PHI) and EPHI Electronic Protected Heath Information. PHI can exist in written, oral, and electronic formats.

With the new Omnibus Rule, business associates and subcontractors such as billing companies, lawyers, accountants, cloud storage services, shredding companies and managed IT services providers who do business for companies who handle protected heath records are now required to comply with the HIPAA security rule.

Why Should You Worry About HIPAA Compliance?

If you’re a health insurance company, medical practitioner, or anyone else who deals with legally Protected Health Information (PHI) or especially Electronic Protected Health Information (EPHI), compliance with these rules are of the utmost importance, but it isn’t an impossible task. HIPAA is a Federal Regulation and enforcement and penalties are on the rise. Record fines levied as of August of this year are $20,264,800, three prison sentences, medical licenses revoked.

Many Covered Entities And Business Associates Believe They Follow HIPAA & HITECH Requirements, But Most Are Not.

A common misconception is that companies think just completing a risk assessment or using a proprietary medical software that is HIPAA complaint, makes themselves HIPAA compliant and that is just not true. According to the Government:

• 70% of Covered Entities are not compliant.
• 79% of Covered Entities fail their Meaningful Use Audit.

Penalties for violations under HIPAA can range from $100 per instance in the case of accidental violations through as much as $50,000 for willful or malicious neglect. Under the HITECH Act those same violations can extend up to $1.5 million (source).


While HIPAA compliance was never a joke, the HITECH Act makes it more important than ever. Passed in 2009, the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act, or HITECH, was designed to offer incentives to accelerate the adoption of electronic healthcare practices and expand the exchange of medical records electronically. Given the increase in the kinds of transactions protected under HIPAA, many key provisions under the HITECH Act are designed specifically in increase penalties for HIPAA violations and enhance enforcement overall.

How Confident Are You About Your Compliance?

Being HITECH or HIPAA Compliant Doesn’t Have to Be a Painful, Costly Struggle! Comprehensive HIPAA and HITECH compliance might seem like it would be a daunting challenge, and trying to adhere to all of HIPAA’s rules and regulations internally requires resources and staff that would burden any company.

Introducing A Cost-Effective Solution Designed To Simplify Your Compliance!

We have partnered with a leader which has a proven compliance solution. This compliance solution along with our HIPAA network security services, you can now have a total solution for your HIPAA, HITECH and Omnibus regulation requirements. ASG Information Technologies can help your Connecticut or Florida company every step of the way.

HIPAA Compliance Solution Includes:

  • Security, Privacy and Administrative Risk Assessments.
  • Self Auditing, Gap Identification, and Remediation Plans.
  • Administrative Privacy Audit.
  • Incident Management.
  • Business Associate Agreements/Management.
  • Policies & Procedure, Training, and BAA Templates Included.
  • Document and Version Control.
  • Training and Attestations Tracking
  • A Compliance Coach and Unlimited HIPAA Hotline support.

Comprehensive HIPAA and HITECH Compliance Can Be A Daunting, Time Consuming Challenge But Help Is Here!

Trying to adhere to all of HIPAA’s rules and regulations internally requires resources and staff that would burden any company. That’s the best option for your Connecticut or South Florida medical practice or business is to have ASG Information Technologies by your side to help you with your culture of compliance journey.

If you are not 100% sure that your medical office is 100% HIPAA Compliant, then download your Free HIPAA Compliance Checklist today or contact us to schedule a 30 minutes call to find out how easily and cost effectively you can be HIPAA Compliant.

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