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Effective Cloud & Mobile Computing Solutions For Businesses

More businesses, both small and medium size, are taking advantage of cloud and mobile solutions including cloud servers, laptops, smartphones, tablets. We help introduce businesses to mobile computing solutions that are right for your company, cost-effective and safe.

  • Hosted Web Services

    By providing businesses with flexible, scalable and low cost ways to deliver their websites and web applications, we give your company the opportunity to have your site hosted on a platform that will expand and grow with your needs. ASG offers businesses hosted web services at affordable rates for easy site management and development. With our hosted web services you’ll find the way forward is not only manageable but filled with unique opportunities.

  • Cloud Based Hosted VoIP

    Tight budgets and growing communication needs are challenging businesses to rethink the structure of the phone system and services used by their organizations. For today’s small and medium-sized businesses, traditional PBXs phone systems simply aren’t practical. They are expensive, difficult to maintain and require professional assistance to setup and configure. On-premise PBXs lack the ability to easily integrate multiple office locations and additional phones, such as home and mobile phones, as they are designed for centralized offices.

  • Scalable Cloud Servers and Workstations

    Your business is unique and will grow at its own pace. It’s smart to have cloud servers and workstations that offer flexible expansion and build-out opportunities so you can keep your data and network information secure. When using a remote cloud server you free up your internal system allowing for more efficiency and productivity. Finding the right scalable cloud server and workstations will help your business grow the right way.

  • VPN (Virtual Private Networks)

    Setting up VPN’s for your business can connect several regional offices and roaming users with a private network computer so you can send and receive data across shared or public networks as if directly connected to the private network. This is a safe, easy to manage and useful network solution that can help many small to medium size businesses. We can custom design a VPN that will make operating your business easier and more cost effective.

  • Multi-Site Networks

    If your business is expanding and requires multiple location sites for expansion, it should have a multi-site network plan that will offer a secure and functional system that allows your business to grow the right way. With managed IT plans, data backup solutions and network system security programs we can ensure your multi-site networks are running at optimum levels and delivering the results you need.

  • Remote Employees

    Managing remote employees in a secure fashion can be streamlined with the proper networking set up. We help companies with multiple locations and employees that operate outside a head office with the technology they need to perform at an optimum level. With the right multi-site networks in place and remote security intact you can successfully manage branch offices and remote employees more efficiently.

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