Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Services

Protect Your Valuable Business Data & Quickly Recover From A Costly Data Erasing Disaster Of Your IT Network And Computers

Disasters that can wipe out businesses are NOT just limited to fire, flood, or hurricane. Today, cyber-attacks, stolen data, key vendor/suppliers failure, disgruntled employees and even simple human error can cause major disruptions to your business, costing you thousands of dollars in damages, lost customers, downtime and possibly even litigation if you are not prepared.

Pop Quiz:

If your server suddenly crashed or was hacked into by a cyber criminal and ALL of your data was held in ransom , what would you do, who would you call? Do you even have a documented process in your business to handle such an event? Can you even put a price tag on what it would cost to recreate all the data that was lost?

Business Owners And CEO's Should Ask Themselves The Following Questions:

  • What is your tolerance for network downtime and data loss? A few weeks? A few days? A few hours? A few minutes?
  • How productive can your employees be without access to your programs and data?
  • What is the cost of network downtime to your business?
  • How much would it cost your business to recreate the lost data?

Protect Your Valuable Business Data With Our Data Backup & Disaster Recovery (DRaaS) Solution

Having the proper backup solution that meets their business needs is so important. When it comes to clouds backups, there is a difference between cloud storage backups such as Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure, and a true Disaster Recovery backup solution especially when it comes to the recovery of your data. With cloud backups such as Amazon and Windows Azure, yes your data is stored in the cloud, but they are not designed to have quicker recovery time.

Onsite Backups ~ Disaster Recovery ~ IT Business Continuity ~ Cloud Backups ~ Test Restores

With a cloud backup and disaster recovery service such as ASG Information Technologies’ DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service), your data could be spun up as a virtual machine in a matter of minutes. This is a true Disaster Recovery Cloud Solution that will keep your data safe, keep your data accessible, and keep your data recoverable at a moment’s notice and it solves downtime problems and saves your company money. Don’t wait for a data erasing disaster to happen, make sure your business is protect today!

Find Out How Quickly Your Business Can Recovery It's Data.
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