Managed IT Services For Credit Unions & Financial Services

Proactive Managed IT Services, IT Consulting Services & Network Security For Credit Unions & Financial Services Companies

For over 21 years, ASG Information Technologies has been delivering IT support to Connecticut credit unions and financial services companies. We understand that being responsible for the finances of investors is not a business that can afford errors. If you own or operate a credit union in Connecticut and don’t have professional IT support services you run the risk of losing much more than just money. People trust in credit unions to be on top of their accounts and if your computer network is not secure and constantly having issues it may affect customers opinion of your credit union.

We specialize in helping credit unions & financial services companies meet their regulatory compliance and cyber security protections as required by:

– The Gramm-Leach-Biley Act (GLBA)
– FINRA – Financial Industry Regulatory Authority
– National Credit Union Association (NCUA)

Cyber threats are on the rise and if your systems are not protected by a dedicated, experienced IT support staff you are an easy target for hackers and costly compliance penalties. ASG Information Technologies can maintain the health and security of your computer network. From software upgrades and virus protection and malware removal to proactivity managing your computer network, our trained experts are here to help your business avoid costly computer problems and compliance penalties.

Today it is near impossible to run a successful credit union without the help of an experienced managed IT services company. Supporting your computer network with IT service experts who know the problems credit unions face on a day to day basis is essential to keeping your data safe and your servers and computers running smooth. Avoid costly computer errors and run an efficient financial services business your customers can trust with the help of ASG. Call 203-440-4413 to learn more.

We help credit unions and financial services companies with their IT management and support including:

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