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Proactive Managed IT Services, Network Security & Compliance Services & Disaster Recovery For Connecticut and South Florida Insurance Agencies

ASG Information Technologies has been in business since 1997 and specializes in highly-responsive, proactive computer network support and IT security services for small and medium-sized independent insurance agencies in Connecticut who require better results from their technology investments.

Many insurance agencies have three incredibly frustrating problems when dealing with their existing computer support company:

  • Problem #1: Lack of Response. When your computer or network goes down or is experiencing a problem, it brings your entire company to a screeching halt. We answer our phones live during regular business hours. You will NOT get a voice message, and we will have a technician working on your problem in minutes.
  • Problem #2: Poor Communication & Service. A BIG problem many business owners have with their IT company is poor communication skills. We believe that good communication is customer service 101, and if they can’t get THIS right, how can you possibly trust them to be organized enough to manage your computer network.
  • Problem #3: They Never Quite Get Everything Working, So Problems Constantly Crop Up. Maybe you’ve experienced this yourself: you hire a so-called computer expert to support your network, only to discover every time they “solve” a problem, two more crop up.

ASG Specializes In Supporting Insurance Agencies IT Networks

We understand independent insurance agencies need to provide outstanding services and support to their customers. They also need a competitive advantage in their industry in order to stand out from fierce competition. Many independent insurance agencies struggle with growth and they are looking to reduce costs, increase productivity by streamlining business processes, and utilize and maintain third party agency management systems.

In a world of ever-changing technologies, it’s important your insurance agency keep up with the latest technologies so you can deliver the kind of services and support that you promise your customers. If you need an IT expert who specializes in what insurance firms require including IT support and Managed IT services, network security and compliance. and who can help you navigate through the sea of different technologies to help your business achieve that competitive edge, give ASG Information Technologies a call today at 203-440-4413!

ASG Information Technologies Helps Insurance Agencies Realize Their Business Goals By:

  • Building a well-run computer network tailored to the insurance industry. A computer network should be built for the business goals of the insurance agency. A computer network that is set up and installed properly with industry best practices is crucial for a successful insurance agency. All of the technologies, including email, fax, agency management systems, claims processing, policy management, and document imaging/management systems will run off the computer network. If the network foundation is flawed, you will not realize the results that your business needs in order to be competitive.
  • Supporting your network. Your business needs secure, cost-effective IT solutions and support. A well-managed network from an experienced IT support company is necessary to truly leverage the agency’s technology including managing, maintaining, planning, consulting and supporting your network and employees with help desk services. ASG offers proactive, managed tech support services. This means preventing problems before they start, saving time, money, and productivity in the long run.
  • Increase network stability. Network downtime is extremely expensive when you consider your most expensive resource, your employees, are unable to perform their tasks, not to mention the loss of support that you will be unable to give your clients when the network is unavailable. Many things come into play when it comes to the stability of your network, such as a creating well-managed network, having the support available when a problem does occur, making sure that all the critical data is being backed up properly, and having a disaster recovery plan to be able to get your network and business-critical records and applications up and running in the fastest possible time.
  • Ensuring the security of data and IT infrastructure. There are thousands of hackers, spammers, and cyber criminals searching for network and data vulnerabilities. Network security should include a business-class managed firewall, properly managed antivirus software, critical Microsoft updates and patches, software with proper password implementation, mobile device policies, encryption, and Vulnerability & Risk Assessments.
  • Help with compliance regulations. Insurance agencies must be in compliance with HIPAA or HITECH if they hold client health data on record. Having a security strategy requires multiple pieces, including up-to-date staff policies, proper staff training, and highly secure systems, including network, web browsing, emails, and password policies.
  • Time is money and money is time. It is important that insurance agencies use technology wisely so their staff can be more productive. Many business owners are busy working in their business and not working ON their business and are not looking for ways to be more productive and to not waste money. Just saving 15 minutes of lost productivity a day based on 10 employees can add up to over 625 hours a year of savings in regained productivity.

Looking for an experienced computer support company for your independent insurance agency in Connecticut or Palm Beach County, Florida?

We invite you to contact us today or give us a call at 203-440-4413. We will give you a FREE No Obligation Network Assessment and provide you will an IT Optimization Plan for your insurance agency that will solve your painful costly network issues.

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