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When you run a small to medium size business you need help when it comes to IT consulting and strategic planning. Chances are IT and network performance is not your specialty so it is necessary to rely on the expertise of a trusted partner. At ASG we provide the insight and planning you need to stay successful. Operating within your budget and taking into account your business’ unique needs, we help consult and strategize with you on critical IT and network issues so your business can grow the right way.

If you have a patchwork of mismatched technology that you have acquired over the years, it is costing you more money with network downtime, system errors, breakdown, and employee inefficiencies than to just rip out that old network and replace it. See why ASG Information technologies is the right fit for your project and how your new installation will allow for more up-time than downtime.

Email is the most critical tool for you, your employees, and your customers. Microsoft Exchange 2013 offers a rich, feature set to help keep your employee and customer communications flowing. With Microsoft Exchange 2013, you can have access to emails, calendars, and contacts at your fingertips.

Our product and server offerings give our clients access to technology solutions that are specifically designed to meet their unique business needs to give them the best possible results. Brands We Deal In: Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Lenovo, Fortigate & McAfee.

Is your network performing as efficiently as possible? Would you even know if it was? Many business owners are in the dark when it comes to their network and at ASG we take the time to explain in simple terms how your network is performing and how it can be improved. Our comprehensive network IT assessment gives you the information you need to make better decisions about your network so your business can operate at an optimum level.

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