Regulatory & Cyber Security Compliance Solutions

Protect Your Business By Reducing The Risks And Threats To Ensure You Are Meeting Your Industry's Compliance Standards And Cyber Security Regulations.

Industry compliance standards (HIPAA, GLBA, FINRA, PCI-DSS, AMA, NIST-171, 23NYCRR500 Policy) compliance all require continuous network monitoring, intrusion detection, active scanning, log monitoring, event management and end point integration.

Most companies are exploited because a user lets a bad actor into the network and the median number of days before that attacker was detected was 146. That is more than enough time to do damage and steal important data from your network and cause your company harm. So what can companies do to protect their network, meet their compliance regulations, and avoid possible costly penalties?

The Solution: ASG's Network Defense Services

Our very competitively priced and affordable NDS solution is a 24×7 security monitoring service designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses who need to reduce their security risks and achieve regulatory compliance. It collects real-time information from the devices on your network, then identifies and communicates cyber incidents and security hygiene issues.

For one low-monthly fixed price with no large up-front investment our Network Defense Services include:

  • Continuous monitoring of network traffic identifying both malware and security hygiene issues.
  • Automated application of correlation rules.
  • Expert, detailed analysis of security alerts.
  • Mitigation and remediation guidance by ASG's Advanced Security Engineers.
  • SMS and email alerts for advanced threats.
  • Asset management.

Protect your company from cyber criminals and regulatory and compliance fines today!

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Attention: New York State Financial Businesses.

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