3 Benefits of Cloud Servers and Workstations

About 16% of American workers will work from home at least two days a week after the pandemic. This trend highlights the increasing need for secure IT infrastructure, such as Cloud Servers and Workstations, which enable employees to work remotely.

What are Cloud Servers and Workstations?

Cloud Servers are typically a hosted, virtual computer server, which users access over a network. Cloud Servers are intended to perform the same functions, and support the same operating systems and applications, as traditional computer servers.

Similarly, Cloud Workstations allow you to access all your files, data, and projects, by merely connecting to the internet.

Here are 3 benefits:

1. Employees Can Work From Anywhere
Cloud Storage and Workstations increase the mobility of your firm by allowing employees to conveniently and securely access their assignments, whether they are at home or in the office. This eliminates costly downtime and improves employees’ work experiences.

2. Greater Efficiency
Implementing the right multisite networks will allow you to efficiently manage branch offices and remote employees. Furthermore, using a remote Cloud Server frees up your internal system, allowing for greater speed and productivity.

3. Growth Opportunities
Cloud Servers and Workstations offer flexible expansion opportunities. Using a scalable Cloud Server and Workstation can support and expedite your business’ growth while keeping your data and network information secure.

Adopting cloud solutions is an integral part of adapting to the work-from-home movement. Get in touch for more information about how ASG can help you secure and support your business with Cloud Servers and Workstations.