Keeping company data secure is something that plagues many business owners. Whether it’s sensitive customer data, trade secrets or sales data they’re concerned about, the need to keep unauthorized users out is the same.

There a numerous security solutions available today. Some are great at keeping risks at bay, others maybe outdated and no longer optimal. While you plan your defenses, here are 3 quick ways you can improve workplace security right now.

Better Passwords

While it’s a well-known fact that you should never use the same password across all accounts, you cannot expect all of your employees to know this too. Encourage those selecting their own computer and application passwords to use totally different passwords for each account. Passwords should also be changed often and include a difficult combination. Not a pet’s name. Lower and upper case letters and symbols in a mixed string are best.

While  the definition of a “good password” will continue to change as hackers become more and more sophisticated, you can protect yourself and your business by ensuring employees understand the importance as well as pushing password updates frequently.


Not only is it important to have proper security awareness training in place for employees on standards and best practices but this should be done periodically as new threats emerge to ensure all employees have a refresher on what to look for an avoid when it comes to cyber security threats. For industries where highly sensitive data is at risk, there should be testing in place as well to asses an employee’s level of understanding and ability to spot phishing and other hacking techniques and to reduce human error.

Software Updates

Just as passwords need to be updated frequently, so too should software and hardware your company is using. Especially today as more organizations are storing and using data and applications in the cloud, it is important that security patches containing important fixes are pushed through. At minimum these updates should be done once a month, or more if there is concern about risks. If you don’t have time to worry about keeping track of this, a managed services provider can assist with maintaining updates while you focus on your core business.

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