Increasing security and defenses against cyberattacks is something companies across the globe are striving to do – and do quickly. Especially as headlines about a new breach or hack happening occur almost daily. No longer is security just some software program that protects files. Security is an imperative in an organization and there are many different pieces that need to work together to build proper defense.

With so much at stake, it can be difficult to focus on what’s critical for IT Security. Here are 3 easy ways to look at the bigger picture for your organization.

1.      Set Security Policies

Businesses large and small must have an IT security plan in place because hackers do not pick and choose. While larger corporations may have a larger bounty to chase, scammers could also just be looking for those small firms with lax security that they can easily breach. No one is safe. A unified policy sets the tone for security across the organization. From clarifying your company’s position on security, to assigning specific responsibilities and even being prepared to rebuild after an incident, having a written plan that everyone must follow is key to a healthy future.

2.      Provide Proper Training

The best way to keep security top of mind and ensure its happening is to provide proper training. Knowledge of the issues that could occur and their effect on all involved is one way to bring everyone onboard. Since humans are usually the weak link in a breach, training them to recognize email phishing scams and to understand how their workstation can lead to a breach of their company’s entire network, is a very real wake up call. Frequent, updated training that informs employees about the newest tactics from scammers and how to properly handle suspicious links and emails, can go a long way towards achieving IT security.

3.      Promote Accountability

One of the biggest steps in getting security measures to “stick” is to get employees to care about the importance and seriousness of security and their role in the process. In addition to training, it’s important to hold employees accountable by increasing their awareness around security threats, business interruption issues and the costs involved. Focus in on those employees who need additional training, provide positive feedback when security steps are followed and when effectiveness is achieved.

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