Many business owners think they have to maintain their own IT staff or outsource their IT functions to a third party, but in fact, it doesn’t have to be an either/or decision. If you currently have an IT team in place, but you could use more help in some specific areas, co-managed IT services may be the solution.

How Does a Co-Managed IT Services Arrangement Work?

With co-managed IT services, you can divide your regular workload between your internal staff and your company’s external partner, or you can ask your outside IT partner for help as needed with a specific project or problem. If your business has more challenges than usual at particular times, an external partner can handle the overflow to keep things running smoothly.

Benefits of Co-Managed IT Services

Your company’s in-house IT staff may not have the training and experience necessary to deal with a specific problem or challenge. By working with a co-managed IT team, your business will have access to individuals who have a broader range of skills and who have worked with clients in multiple industries. They can supplement the knowledge and expertise of your existing staff and bring additional insights and a fresh perspective.

Hiring full-time employees is expensive. With a co-managed IT services arrangement, you can choose to bring in outside help as needed, instead of paying full-time salaries and benefits.

If your company only has an internal IT staff, members of your team may be out sick, on vacation, or unavailable for some other reason when a problem arises. If you work with an external partner in a co-managed IT services format, a technician from your outside partner will always be available if you need support.

Keep Your Network and Data Safe While Saving Money

Instead of putting more on the plates of your already busy staff or hiring additional full-time employees, you can meet your challenges and save money through a co-managed services approach. ASG Information Technologies can co-manage your IT services and help you protect your network and data without adding to your full-time staff. This solution can allow you to balance the need to keep your business safe with concerns about your bottom line.

ASG Information Technologies can use monitoring software to detect and address any problems with your network before your data is compromised or your company’s operations are affected. We can make sure your hardware and software licenses are kept current, your data is backed up regularly, and your network is protected from intrusions. Contact us today to learn more.