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When you think of IT, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Did you picture computers or servers or wires everywhere? We thought so. But what about the people? The technicians who work in this field day in and day out. To give you an inside peek of a day in the life, we had some fun interviewing the team about their typical day, why they do what they do, and some other fun facts.

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Describe a typical day at ASG.

Most days lately are spent at client sites installing new network and server hardware. Days in the office are mostly project planning and preparation and assisting with Help Desk calls when needed.

A typical day for me at ASG is spent talking or meeting with clients, on the road or in house, attending meetings, discussing projects, meeting with the techs here, or coordinating with new prospects and onboarding. I tend to check in with every department a few times a day to stay in the know as to what is going on and how we are progressing in between my normal duties.

Basically, a typical day at ASG is not like most offices. We are not just a bunch of IT geeks, but we are a fun bunch of people that enjoy each other’s company. I can’t speak for everyone, but when clients call, we have fun. Sure we help them out with their issues, but we will have a 2-minute discussion on how things are going. How’re the kids, or how was the trip? 

Name one thing you love about what you do.

I love meeting with prospects and talking about their current needs, and as they come on as a customer and start to understand the difference, seeing the mentality shift. Sometimes when we are working with a company for the first time, they are coming from a very bad place and are bringing us in to correct and remedy many different problems. It’s overcoming those obstacles, and then seeing the IT mentality shift to where they can come in and focus on just running their business—that inspires me! 

Seeing real differences in how our clients are able to operate as a result of our advice and technical implementations. 

My role in the business is to be funny, well at least try. I’m the cybersecurity engineer for ASG. This is a role I have grown into over the years. I love to find the weaknesses in business then show them how a hacker can gain entry and why. I love to teach people about security. I provide education to our clients to help them understand why cybersecurity is important to a company and themselves.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Time travel.

I’d want the superpower to change my superpower, that way I could have them all!

I definitely would want to be able to read people’s minds, although valuable in everyone’s day, here at ASG, it would be an invaluable asset!

What’s one thing you wish all businesses knew about IT services?

I wish all businesses knew that IT services do not have to be “If something breaks the IT people will fix it.”

I wish they knew that good IT support makes sure that things never break in the first place.

We have a saying here at ASG, and it is you don’t know what you don’t know. I wish every business knew the results that well-functioning technology can deliver to drive your business forward. Many people I meet with are so bogged down in the day to day, they have no idea or can’t even begin to picture what it’d be like if everything around them just worked, worked well, and then could spend the time on looking at technology to be their competitive advantage in the industry. Technology should drive the business forward, not drive all the problems and headaches or act as a distraction—not every company understands that.


The team at ASG is serious when we say we’re here to take the SH out of IT; it’s not just a slogan. There’s too much at risk for businesses today, and we want to be sure you have the support and security in place that you require. Contact us today for a free consultation!