Most large business users today have become familiar with Microsoft Outlook as their email communication platform of choice. While it’s a longstanding foundation in the enterprise, it is also the go-to option for many small business and personal users.

The offering has been in need of an overhaul in terms of security, and that request has finally been answered.

Data Encryption Security

Microsoft announced earlier last month that it would be adding new encryption capabilities that solved the issues with prior TLS encryption which didn’t keep attachments and files to other’s inboxes encrypted.

The great thing about the encrypted messages is that they cannot be forwarded or copied and non-Microsoft users will need a pass code to access these files.

Now if the system detects that an email includes sensitive information such as a series of banking numbers, it will allow users if to encrypt the communications by sending the through a secure connection and further deterring cyber criminals from their malicious intent.

Business Productivity

Other updates focused on making productivity a top priority for businesses. This includes the ability to go back to previous tasks, a file restore option to prevent ransomware attacks and stronger web browsing security.

Internet giant Google also recently announced updates to its email platform in a bid to make security a top focus.

Protection for email communications is critical in the defense against today’s online threats. As a business, it’s important to have more than just this in your arsenal however. A managed IT services provider is your go-to source for network health, security and peace of mind.

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