There are fewer things more terrifying to any computer user these days (young and old) than losing files. From the paper that took months of research to complete, to the business proposal not yet emailed. The inability to recover a file or loss of it due to a disaster can leave users feeling completely defeated and can have long-lasting negative effects.

For businesses, this kind of loss has even been known to destroy a business’s vitality and even forcing many to shut their doors.

It’s not just about retrieving key data, there is also a chance for ransomware attacks and unpredictable outside events that could occur.

Knowing this, and with all of the technologies available today, there is no reason that your company – big or small – should not have a disaster recovery plan in place for 2020. There is far too much on the line.

Here are 3 things you’ll need to get started.

Understand Your Biggest Risks

The first thing you need to understand as you put protection and recovery plans in place is which areas of your business are most important and would have catastrophic effects if lost. These are your biggest risks and should be addressed with priority and urgency as part of your disaster recovery plans.

Set Important Standards

The disaster recovery plans you create need to also incorporate what the important systems and solutions must be able to do to maintain your normal course of business. That should also include how quickly a data restoration needs to happen and what downtime can occur without negatively impacting it. Understanding these needs and what the reality will be after a disaster is important in the planning phases.

Choose a Managed Services Provider

The best way to ensure the proper technologies and solutions are in place at all times and before a disaster happens, is to work with a managed services provider. These professionals come in addition to your IT staff with the necessary expertise and focus to ensure you have all the right tools in place needed to recover after a disaster happens.

ASG Information Technologies is an IT managed services provider that can help protect your critical business data from threats. Providing the best backup, recovery, and restoration services and working proactively to protect your business.

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