Businesses today are under extreme pressure to protect their networks, data and customers from the myriad of threats arising in cyber space. While there may have been push back from senior management in past years, now’s the time to push for additional budget to attain the “best in class” IT support.

The alarming rate at which breaches and other security issues are occurring has made it essential that businesses don’t cut corners or skimp on this critical area. And that need is only going to get stronger as we rely on internet-connected technologies to move our businesses forward into the future.

Research from Business Insider predicts $655B will be spent on cybersecurity initiatives to protect PCs, mobile devices and IoT devices from 2015-2020. Of those projections, $386B is expected to be spent on securing PCs, $172B on securing IoT devices and $113B on securing mobile devices.

Regardless what industry your business is in, lack of proper protections as new technologies continue to be introduced, will continue to put your operations at great risk.


With so many new threats arising and the ability for bad actors to surprise us with their next move, it has become essential that everyone be aware and ready regarding security at work. What was once only the task of the IT department to handle, has moved on to include larger decision makers and the employees on the front lines, using computers and communicating with clients in digital media formats. Everyone needs to be brought into the conversation around security measures as well as provided with proper training to truly create a solid defense.

The rate at which human errors can cause security problems also highlights the need for training that lasts more than an hour, one time a year. Instead, ongoing training and monitoring for compliance are a key part of the larger security picture.

Proactive, Up-to-date Tech Support

The other major part of achieving optimal security  is IT support. Picking just any low-budget technician to fix problems will never compare to the peace of mind and cost savings down the line if other issues that could have been prevented occur.

The thing about security is it cannot be an afterthought. Once an issue has occurred or is forming, its already too late.  A proactive tech support team that’s trained in handling sophisticated attacks and understands the networks and devices you’re using, is critical. These professionals are going to be constantly monitoring to ensure you’re protected. They’re invested in ensuring you don’t have costly business downtime and they are going to be up-to-date on all the latest threats, technology vulnerabilities and other important security knowledge needed to protect your business and your customers.

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