We’re just about 2 weeks away from the looming tax deadline and that means the clock is ticking for many who haven’t yet completed their filings. The security risks at tax time have increased over the years as unruly scammers find new ways to hack sensitive data. This isn’t just an issue on a consumer level. Businesses also have a number of security problems to worry about come tax season, and this year is no exception.

The IRS has warned that scammers are increasingly targeting businesses with malicious attempts to gain access to HR and payroll documents and employee W-2s. That isn’t only one way security plagues businesses around tax time. To further compound the issue, the chances of a breach are even greater as more time passes.

If you haven’t finished, here are some tips to stay safe as you scurry to complete tax filings for 2017.

Beware of Sly Phishing

One of the top ways fraudsters have been able to gain access to sensitive information is through email phishing scams. They find clever and seemingly undetectable ways to appear as a credible company or institution and trick people into clicking malicious links that allow them to access secure areas of the computer or network. Even as awareness of these tactics has become public and tips for avoiding scams are issued, there are still new ways scammers are fooling business users. W-2 scams are the newest attempt. According to the IRS, criminals pose as an executive at the company looking to receive the sensitive data and then quickly file a tax return using the W-2 information.

Software Woes

While it might be common to be suspicious about emails and clicking on links, another area of security concern lies in software. From outdated anti-virus to malicious installs, there are a number of ways not knowing what you’re running on your network could cause harm and put you at risk for theft. Emails from what appear to be credible tax software could for example be fraudsters looking to steal log-in credentials.

Secure Your Network

We cannot stress enough the importance of secure networks. From strong, constantly changing passwords to staying off of unsecure Wi-Fi when accessing company networks, there are so many ways that being lax about security, especially as a business, can put you in harm’s way.

At ASG Information Technologies we understand how critical security measures are for today’s businesses. Our proactive approach to IT security increases defense against cyber criminals, hackers, and employees and avoids data breaches, cyberattacks and possible regulatory fines.


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