Businesses today are under intense pressure to innovate and succeed. While being the first to market with products and services is certainly advantageous, there are serious security risks that many businesses are failing to consider. In doing so they are putting their networks, data and employees at risk for a cyberattack.

Increasingly Sophisticated Cyberattacks

The problem with security breaches today is that they can come in many different formats. From email phishing scams where an employee is tricked into thinking it’s a viable communication and clicking a bad link, to mobile related security and data encryption and even wirelessly connected device vulnerabilities. There are so many ways attackers can make their way into your business to do damage so you cannot leave any channel vulnerable.

Lack of Investment

A large part of the problem that persists when it comes to security is the lack of investment and buy-in from executives for more stringent security measures. Simply using spam filters and antivirus security is not enough today. Some leaders have even admitted to waiting for something bad to happen before putting money towards security. But this has the potential to shut down business entirely and is the worst approach as major hacks continue to happen daily.

Don’t Go it Alone

Working with a managed IT services provider offers the ability for businesses to continue focusing on their core business while remaining protected from the latest threats. With proactive monitoring, the managed provider will be the eyes behind the scenes for a business, scanning for potential issues and staying abreast of any changes or threats.

ASG Information Technologies provides proactive customer network support as well as IT security services and more to small and medium-sized Connecticut companies.

If you’re looking to get the best results from your technology investments and a competitive edge in the marketplace, we will look at all aspects of your network including cost, network performance, functionality, and risk to understand your challenges and provide you with the best-in-class solutions which will support your business goals

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