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Email is one of the most critical tools for your business. You, your employees, and your customers all rely on this form of communication to keep things running smoothly. Spam emails are annoying and time-consuming, but they are also becoming more dangerous to your privacy and the security of your computer network. Millions of computers are getting infected. Users are getting spoofed, and tricked by emails every year, forcing business owners to pay hefty fees to clean and restore their computers back to working order.

3 Dangers You Should Be Aware of When It Comes to Email Security

  1. An increase in hijacked and spoofed email addresses – Spammers are always discovering new ways to make emails appear as though their spam email comes from YOUR computer.
  2. An increase in virus-carrying spam – Accidentally open a spam email carrying a nasty virus, and you can end up with big problems. These issues can range from slowing your systems to more severe threats, such as system crashes, data loss, identity theft, and more.
  3. Phishing spam – A phishing email appears to be a legitimate email from a bank, vendor, friend, or other trusted source. The purpose is to trick you into giving confidential information, such as bank account numbers, social security numbers, passwords, and credit card information.

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