VoIP Services & Support

ASG Partners With 3CX For A Versatile Phone Solution That Goes Anywhere & Does Whatever You Need It to Do!

Remote anywhere, offices without limits – during the COVID crisis, we found that many of our clients cannot just pick up and access their phone system from anywhere. With ASG 3cx, that’s no longer a problem! From mobile offices to softphone apps, to the ability to access your phone system via a website wherever you may be. Have a headset, a mic, a set of speakers? You can work. Many of our clients were utilizing methods we found lacking, such as forwarding office calls to their staff’s cellphones. Never an ideal situation.

Multiple Locations

Without the need for hefty firewall expense, ASG & 3cx can set you up with a remote VPN client and have you accessing the PBX and phone system safely, securely, and with minimal technological complexity.


From call paths, DID’s, after hours forwarding, call recording, custom music, custom logos on the phones—you name it, the system can do it. Need it to intercom over loudspeakers on 2nd shift? We can do that, too.


Leaving the office but on a long conference call? Hit a button, and it transfers to your phone, and via Bluetooth, you are easily in the car taking a drive somewhere. With a click of a button in the web interface, you can one-click links and have it dial on any of your 3cx connected devices such as your cellphone, web & desktop, or your phone and headset at your desk.

Call Recording

Whether in the cloud or on-premise, setup on-demand call recording or have it record everything for your staff so management can review it. Access metrics around calls and gain access to the system yourself for your staff members to be able to productively review.

Lower Cost

Tired of meeting with people who amortize everything? Five-year deals and contracts seem complicated? Or maybe you are on old copper lines and paying a small fortune every year? We offer flexible plans with comprehensive support and inclusive options—with the ability to buy the system if you want to buy it—no more fighting with the grey blob of smoke from phone vendors.


Have a CRM? Outlook contacts? If you can’t just click a phone number and it dials for you on your intended device, you waste productivity and time. Employees are the highest cost to every business, have them working productively.

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