Cyber Security Awareness

As a global phenomenon, cybersecurity is very important these days. There are malicious internet geniuses out there preying on the weak. As data breaches become more frequent and are often unexpected, companies and individuals are doing more to prevent these attacks. Here are some cybersecurity tips for you and your employees.

Do not click on Links Recklessly

You’ve received an email, and yes, the highlighted words are clickable, but that doesn’t mean you should click on it. If you do, and it isn’t a safe link, it can be dangerous to your information and computer. Be sure to inspect these links before clicking them and make sure they are from trusted senders.

Two-Factor Authentication

Strong passwords are a must these days.  They shouldn’t be your pet’s name and the year you got them or even worse, your birthday. If it is easy to guess, don’t use it. To help with passwords, sites are looking for multiple ways to prove it is you. On all the newest phones, apps are equipped with passwords, and you can also use your face or fingerprint for authentication. This helps keep your information protected. Even computers are moving this way. You can set up a password or use your fingerprint to open your computer up. This can be annoying, but it is much safer.

Phishing Scams

There are 3 billion fake emails sent a day. Phishing attacks are among the most fell for scams out there. A hacker will pose as someone that the recipient may be familiar with and trick them into using a harmful link. They can then indulge in your personal information, company files, and anything else that is important on your computer. You want to be on the lookout for emails that are phishing scams. You can prevent these attacks by avoiding emails from unfamiliar senders and hovering over the links to verify what the destination really is.

Computer Updates

Keep up your computer and phone up to date. Hackers look for security lapses like out of date software. The notifications can be frustrating, and of course, it takes time out of your day to update your computer, but it is for your safety.

You’re not Immune to Attacks

Don’t think this can’t happen to you; it can happen to anyone at any time. You may think you don’t visit unsafe websites, but the internet is a dangerous place. Be sure to be on the lookout for anything that doesn’t seem quite right.

Final Thoughts

Be sure to keep your guard up. Hackers are out there preying on the weak and vulnerable. But, there are many ways to avoid these harmful attacks, and they are easy to implement. You want to make sure your computer and phones are on the newest updates to ensure that your software is current. Emails from unknown senders or any links that look too good to be true, delete it. It is not worth the trouble.

Always use two-factor authentication. It will keep you safe from anyone trying to hack your accounts on social media, trying to get into your computer or phone and online banking accounts. It is worth it. Don’t ever think this will never happen to you. It can. You will click a link by accident or receive an email from a friend who was hacked as well. It happens, and it is usually unexpected. You need to be sure to resolve the issue quickly before your information is taken.