Cyberattacks make news headlines on a regular basis. Thousands of companies have been impacted and experience devastating results. The chilling truth is that once a business has recovered from a cyberattack, it can still continue to suffer long-term effects.

A cyberattack can compromise data, bring operations to a halt, reduce profits, and even breed distrust among customers.

Since any company can fall prey to cybercriminals, it’s essential for businesses of all sizes in all industries to have a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.

As we head into 2020, follow these key tips to prepare.

Take Routine Steps to Keep Data Secure

Make sure your operating systems, antivirus and other software, and firewalls are kept up-to-date. You should also require that employees use strong passwords and change them on a regular basis. Use encryption to protect data transmitted over the Internet and provide routine, company-wide cybersecurity training.

Another critical step in this process is to take an inventory of your network and devices. You should know what devices are connected to the network and what types of software they run so you can identify vulnerabilities and software that needs to be updated.

When you work with a managed IT services provider you can also stay prepared for any worst-case scenarios, such as a ransomware attack, where hackers attempt to block access to your company’s files unless a ransom is paid. This can be done by conducting regular backups of important files in a separate location so they will be accessible if cybercriminals target the network you normally use to conduct business.

Prepare to Respond to a Cyber Attack

Create a team that can respond immediately to a data breach. Identify internal employees and contract with outside companies, if necessary. Make sure the members of the team, as well as company managers, understand each individual’s role and the procedures to follow in the event of a cyber-attack.

Use technology to monitor the network and identify threats. If a threat is detected, the team should be able to figure out how the attack originated, how it is spreading, and what capabilities the attackers have so they can take appropriate measures to contain the threat. Those actions may include fixing vulnerabilities, requiring users to change their passwords, and blocking malicious IP addresses.

Once a cyberattack has been addressed, it’s important to use it as a learning experience. Gather all stakeholders to discuss the vulnerabilities that made the attack possible, how well the team worked together to address the issue, how quickly it was resolved and areas in need of improvement.

Get Professional Cyber Security Assistance

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