Cloud managed services are making their way into the business environment more and more. From better reporting and monitoring capabilities, to more dependable back-up, recovery and performance – the list is endless for making the move to cloud IT solutions.

A recent report from Credence Research points to these factors and a number of other benefits as the reason why today’s small and medium size enterprise customers are turning to cloud services.

According to the research, “the global market for cloud managed services will grow 7 percent and reach $41.92BN by 2026.

Other benefits of the cloud include reduced capital and operational expenditures saving on in-house staffing, power use and maintenance costs overall.

There is also the benefit that comes from outsourcing activities like data storage and network management that allow businesses to focus on their own core competencies while allowing network intensive functions to happen in off hours and managed by someone else, offsite so their own office resources aren’t taxed.

Working with a cloud managed service provider can offer support for everything from reporting, monitoring, backup & recovery, performance testing and more.

On a global level, the research also uncovered that businesses in both Asia Pacific and Europe are seeing similar growth rates for cloud managed services. Government initiatives and greater business innovation and flexibility are topping the list of reasons to make a move to cloud services in these locations.

The healthcare market is also contributing to this growth as a leading segment using cloud services for storing data securely in addition to making mobile app usage possible for both doctors and patients who want to access to their information whenever needed.

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