Ask any company what their goals are when it comes to staffing and most will admit that reducing turnover rates tops the list of HR priorities. It’s pricey to onboard employees and resources are wasted having to retrain and rehire. Yet so many businesses continue to be plagued by high turnover rates.

While there are a number of tips and tricks to help improve employee morale and reduce turnover rates that HR teams can use, there is another issue related to employees coming and going through the doors and that falls on to the lap of IT.

Already plagued with monitoring and safeguarding from outside hackers, these teams also have the important task of ensuring inside threats and keeping ex-employees from causing harm to the business.

High turnover rates also threaten corporate data security. Password management, secure access and other IT nightmares can crop up without the proper procedures in place.

Here are some important points to consider to curb data theft and other concerns with departing employees.

Make Security a Top Focus

It’s important for companies to make security a top focus from the day a new hire begins and throughout their experience with the company. Security should always be top of mind from the top down. Encouraging secure practices and offering training and best practices is a great way to protect the company and help keep security top of mind.  In the same way, it’s important to limit access to sensitive data from employees who don’t need access. Strengthening authentication and access to data and content as well as encrypting it can curb improper use and access.

Create Stern Policies and Monitor for Compliance

Having provisions in place is an important way to know that your company is serious about security. You must follow through. Still, taking matters of necessary security seriously may require monitoring. Paying attention to changes in data transfers, off hour accessing of documents and unusual email activity are all warning signs to take seriously. Once an employee is dismissed there should be a plan in place for removing access both in office and via remote networks in an urgent time frame to prevent any disgruntled retaliation or loss of competitive information.

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