Security breaches continue to happen at alarming rates even despite the attention being put on prevention. According to findings from Thales eSecurity, 67 percent of enterprises across the globe have suffered a data security breach already.  This number continues to grow. and the problem is compounded. From an increase in bad actors attempting to infiltrate networks, to businesses who are still unaware of vulnerabilities present in their workplace.

Protection from Internal Threats

Keeping external intrusion protections in place is certainly critical, but there are threats coming from those with trusted access as well that businesses must be aware of and proactively work to correct and remove. While not every employee will have malicious intent, there is the human element and negligence that cannot be forgotten when it comes to security protection planning.

Mistakes happen so being ahead of them is a great way to prevent breaches. Opening malware, losing a flash drive or sharing passwords are just some of the inadvertent ways an employee can put a company’s entire network and data at risk.

Sharpen Training for Best Results

Providing quality training can help businesses to stay ahead of these issues because it teaches employees about the ways they could put the company at risk and how to navigate the digital landscape defensively. Getting training right is a top down requirement. Decision makers should be involved in understanding the possible threats in their specific workplace and coming up with rules and ideas for prevention.

In addition to setting up company security policies, it’s a good idea to set-up training sessions that happen frequently and provide updates and refreshers for staff. Topics including how to spot a phishing email, BYOD policies and providing employees with a general awareness of the threats that exist is the best way improve security and privacy from within.

Work with ASG Information Technologies

Working with a managed services provider who can focus on keeping your networks and data secure and up to date with patches as well as safe from threats is an important investment. Threats are only continuing to increase. Can your business really afford to skip on actual protection?

ASG Information Technologies provides affordable network security solutions that include server security, firewall installation and management, mobile security strategies, digital surveillance and intrusion detection security. A full network audit will identify problem spots and offer solutions to deal with existing threats and set-up preventive measures to block future attacks.

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