Small businesses have quickly become of the fastest growing in today’s market. This is fueled by both an increase in consumer trust as well as a desire for more intimate relationships with the companies they do business with.

As small businesses continue to emerge, it’s important to keep a concentrated focus on security. Challenges such as not having access to the same resources as larger enterprises in an increasingly threatening security landscape, must be addressed.

The reason small businesses are sometimes targeted by fraudsters is that they think the business will not have the proper protections in place or are staffed well enough to stop an attack from doing damage.

This isn’t actually true.  While there are plenty of resources available today for small businesses to maintain required protections. By having a plan in place and keeping systems and solutions up-to-date keeping fraud and breaches away is possible.

A security breach that involves fraud typically includes access to personal information used to steal finances from the victim. The damages from a fraud attack can go far beyond financial losses and can even damage a company’s reputation or credibility with its customers and clients.

The good news though is that even small steps taken by businesses prevent fraud can go a long way from thwarting these ill attempts from making their way through.

Here are 3 places to start:

1. Employee Screening

Keeping a secure digital and physical environment at your workplace starts with the people who work there and have authorized access to files and data. It is critical that you screen employees and ensure the people you’re hiring to work for you are not a risk. The uses of data privacy policies and training can also assist in getting employees on board to protect the business from possible breaches.

2. Audits

While no one is likely a fan of being audited, this is a terrific way to uncover possible holes to address. Regular as well as surprise audits can expose potential weakness at critical points. Understanding how these made it through and the best method to patch them up can do a lot to protect you from breaches in the future.

3. Managed IT Services

Understanding that you’re also a small business, you likely have limited staff to dedicate solely to focusing on security needs. That’s why working with a managed IT services provider you trust is a great option. We do the heavy lifting, monitoring, and tracking and implement necessary protections to keep your operations up-to-date and secure.

ASG Information Technologies provides small and medium-sized businesses with security services that keep all your company’s bases covered.  From actively managed firewalls, password management, spam filtering, virus monitoring, server security, and employee monitoring, we make it possible for you to steer clear of losing everything to cybercrime.

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