End-user buy-in is a term many businesses are likely familiar with. It relates to getting users involved with and committed to a new process or system. For IT teams, it’s also an important task when it comes to software and solutions. Having these technologies in place is only as beneficial as the users who are willing to implement them.

To get buy-in, users need to understand the “what” and “why” of an offering. They are far more likely to use a security software for example, if they know the use will thwart criminals from taking over their machines and putting the company at risk.

Make Security a Company-wide Responsibility

Boosting training and adding a “buddy system” to the workplace has also had its benefits when it comes to ensuring employees understand the seriousness of  security risks and keeping them accountable. The idea is to pair members from different departments in an office to work together to understand the role security plays in their daily jobs and how they can take steps to improve.

Another tactic companies today are using not only to get user buy-in but to also spur engagement in the workplace is gamification.

Take Fear Out of the Equation

Gamification in the workplace was first used in sales settings as a way to motivate employees to meet and exceed goals. HR leaders also implemented the practice to improve morale and spur productivity. Today, IT teams can are encouraging security practices by using gamification.

CRN recently reported the suggestions of one security expert when it comes to a reward system for employee security practices and how it can change the outcome for companies.

Switching the conversation from a scary one about all the risks lurking behind emails and wrong clicks, to one about being more aware and informed around possible bad actors and offering recognition and rewards for calling them out, is changing how employees engage with security issues in the workplace.

Consider an employee spotlight in the company newsletter, or a gift card to the employee who is able to spot and notify management about the most phishing attempts for the month as a game.

Call the Experts

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