Security threats have become a growing concern for both businesses and consumers today. Not only are people more cautious about who they share their personal information with but also the businesses they choose to work with as well. Careless, easily avoidable errors aren’t the only way breaches can occur. Today’s cybercriminal is more sophisticated than ever before and is coming up with new ways to trick users and infiltrate networks.

Perhaps nowhere is the risk greater than in healthcare. Most of this data includes people’s personal information and data and should be protected in the fiercest way possible.

The problem with this sensitive information is that it’s being lost and even stolen and leading to a number of other crimes against victims.

According to the results of a recent poll by Harris Poll and SCOUT, a healthcare marketing agency, the public is growing more and more concerned about the privacy and safety of their medical information in particular information on their diagnosed medical conditions and diseases.

This worry even outweighs fear over financial and credit card information being stolen since it’s usually protected by banks or can be stopped in its tracks. Once medical information is uncovered, thieves can sell the data for top dollar for extortion, gaining access to medications and even for insurance and tax fraud.

Raffi Siyahian, principal at SCOUT warned, “We need to be much more aware and concerned about the safety of our health data.”

“First, the risk of having your medical data exposed is pretty significant. And second, the consequences of someone gaining unauthorized access to your personal health information can be far more damaging than having someone illegally access your personal financial information.”

Recent news headlines report a Florida-based health provider is the latest to experience a breach due to lax vendor security that caused the exposure of social security and employer information, names and diagnoses.

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