Businesses face critical demands today when it comes to protecting their networks. Nothing is more important than keeping data safe from hackers, especially when it includes sensitive information about clients and patients. HIPAA compliance is not something that any business should take lightly as attacks become sophisticated and more targeted.

In fact, hackers today are looking for healthcare-based companies at a greater rate than ever because they know that lax security will be their golden ticket.

For medical practices both large and small, the risk of an attack is greater than ever as this data has a higher value to criminals and can be sold for considerable amounts on the Dark Web. Being unaware of the dangers and ways to maintain security is the greatest way to become a victim.

Here’s everything your business needs to know about HIPAA compliance in 2019.

Audit & Review

First things first, you should start the New Year with a required audit of your company’s security policies. The objective is to uncover any possible gaps and recognize areas for improvement. These risk assessments are conducted to ensure there are no violations and that businesses are working toward strengthening their security practices.

Since hackers are becoming more sophisticated, the risks lie far beyond just hacking a password. Personnel accessing sensitive patient files should also be aware of the risks of leaving windows open when they are done or tossing old computers without properly clearing them. All of these poor practices could result in a hacker gaining access to sensitive data as well as fines, loss of patient trust, and worse.

Improve Security

Once you’ve recognized your weaknesses, you should come up with plans for fixing them and implementing new procedures and policies for the future to safeguard your business. These precautions are not enough however. Your business will require proof and a paper trail to show you’ve taken all the right steps should fines or investigations arise in the future.

Get Professional Help

How do you accomplish all of this and still run a successful practice? You get help from professionals. A trusted managed services provider (MSP) offering education to staff and doctors on how to remain secure is the best defense. They can also suggest tools and provide solutions that protect your business from HIAPA violations and other cyber security risks.

If you’re a Connecticut or South Florida medical practice or business and need someone you can trust with compliance and security, ASG Information Technologies offers HIPAA network IT security services. This includes risk assessment, auditing and remediation, incident management, training templates, document control, tracking and a support hotline.

Contact us to schedule a 30 minute call and find out how easily and cost effectively you can be HIPAA compliant today!