So, why is your firm in business today?

You have a mission statement, value proposition for each one of your products or services, and strategic plans to drive future growth. This requires people skilled and knowledgeable in the core areas that define what your business is all about.

Everything revolves around your core competencies. Core competencies are what drives a business to open its doors. They are the key skills and abilities that allow your business to stand out from the competition. One of the concerns of any business owner is that all of the secondary operations and processes necessary to run a business can be a distraction from your main mission. Managing an IT infrastructure is an excellent example of an operation that is critical for the operation of any business, but can be a real distraction.

You got into business because of a drive to provide a product or service, not to manage your IT infrastructure. Researching new technologies, managing staff in an unfamiliar area of expertise that is outside of your own can be a serious challenge and divert your focus. An MSP (Managed Service Provider) can be contracted to handle any or all of your IT infrastructure so you can run your business. Technology is a tool that can make your business more successful, but it isn’t an end, in and of itself.

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