Businesses both large and small share a common desire to cut costs and increase efficiency. This desire is true across the board – from better ways to produce reports and analyze data, to the way communications occur.

Thanks to the Internet, we’ve moved away from traditional PTSNs and PBX phone systems, to a whole new world of Internet-based calling known as, “VoIP”. Perhaps you’ve heard the term, but didn’t think your small business would benefit from looking into it further. The thing is, it is worth looking into.

Hosted VoIP for SMBs, has expansive benefits.

What is Hosted VoIP?

First things first, hosted VoIP is the best option because it doesn’t involve any management of equipment or services in-house. That means more time to focus on your core business. When a phone system is hosted, the hardware and PBX are housed at an offsite location and managed by a service provider.

Cost Savings

In addition to freeing up staff and resources at your location, businesses also save money with VoIP by eliminating long distance calling fees. Since the calls are happening via the Internet, placing a call to anywhere across the globe is as simple dialing the number to connect.


The other great thing about hosted VoIP for businesses is that phone numbers aren’t tied to a specific physical location. That means the same number customers and clients call to reach the central office could seamlessly connect them to a sales location miles away, without the caller even knowing. Grow your business, add new locations, hire remote employees – it’s all possible with VoIP.

Increased Functionality

The ‘icing on the cake’ when it comes to VoIP for business, is that new features are constantly being added. A phone system that updates with new voicemail features, updates extensions and offers an IM feature to improve collaboration, are just the beginning.

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