When we typically hear about security risks and the need for protection from hackers, the first thought is office workers and those whose day’s work involves accessing the Internet to perform their jobs. However there are other industries not typically thought of, who also require proper protection from cyber security risks.

For manufacturers, cybersecurity issues might not be top of mind. There are shipments to make, goals to meet, and workers to monitor. But an outdated computer network is equally as important. Consider what could happen to operations if the entire shipping department was crippled by a downed network, or if your client data was breached? The same seriousness other businesses face when it comes to computer security is true in the industrial setting. Forgoing a security solution can cripple operations and worse.

In 2017, the rate at which IT security issues targeted the industrial market rose intensely. Hundreds of new vulnerabilities and threats were found and many targeted essential production systems at industrial enterprises.

There are more threats expected for 2018.

A common threat in this industry relates to theft of intellectual property. The stealing of your company ideas is a major reason to be concerned about cybersecurity.

What can you do as a manufacturing business to keep your equipment, software and your customers protected?

Trust an expert.

A managed IT security solutions provider can help keep you safe by employing multi-layer defense mechanisms and firewalls to keep cybercriminals away. These tactics help defend against attacks by monitoring for suspicious activity, limiting access to networks and proactively scanning for known vulnerabilities to improve defenses.

To get the most out of your manufacturing business, trust ASG Information Technologies to provide streamlined computer network systems and professional IT support including proactive solutions like our DirectLinx Managed Network Support, to ensure your business not only runs at the highest capacity and efficiency, but is also protected from the many security threats lurking on the Web.

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