The rising threat of identity theft has changed the way we approach everyday transactions and has even weakened trust in businesses today. Not because they are doing anything to create the damage, but because criminals are lurking everywhere and becoming more and more sophisticated. The only way to remain protected is to be extra cautious with sensitive data.

This problem has become so major in fact, that many forward-thinking companies are even starting to include security measures as part of their benefit offerings for employees.

The Problem with Identity Theft

Identity theft is one of the most extreme forms of cybersecurity breaches because it takes a toll on a person’s life, finances and even their work. Between the time spent worrying over how to resolve the issue, to taking time off of work to head to various appointments and gain back their identity, and the productivity losses it brings to business, there are reasons to get more serious about protecting employee security.

Protecting Employees

As Employee Benefit Adviser recently reported, employers seeking to protect their business productivity and keep their workers happy and are investing in identity and data defense services that provide peace of mind for employees and employers. Happier workers who feel safe and well protected are likely to do better work, remain focused and help the business move forward.

As it becomes more and more the responsibility of businesses to help keep their employees safe from hackers, they’ll need to work with a company that understands the threat landscape and can actively monitor and protect networks and data. Having the right combination of resources and approaches to tackling the changing threats is critical.

At ASG Information Technologies we offer a planned, layered approach to managed IT network security. Our experts can provide everything from endpoint security and managed firewalls to 24/7 network monitoring, external penetration testing, and more.

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