Businesses today are under constant pressure to innovate and outperform the competition. They’re also looking for ways to cut costs. Any breakdown in their systems or disruptions to operations can lead to lost revenues- and that’s never a good thing.

Analysts report that downtime costs businesses over 5 thousand dollars per minute and can result in losses topping $1M a year.

While this is something that plagues small businesses as well as enterprises, oftentimes, outages can be stopped in advance and lost productivity doesn’t have to be the result.

A new study released today on the impact of IT outages for businesses uncovers that 96 percent of enterprises will face costly outages. It also found that if proper precautions and planning are done, more than half of the cases can be avoided.

Reasons for Downtime

The report from LogicMonitor also found that the most common reasons a company may experience IT downtime can range from simple as human errors to outages from a third-party provider.

Other common cause of costly downtime include network failure or a software or hardware failure. When these outages and issues arise during a spike in business or busy holidays it can have an even larger negative effect on operations. For this reason, having protections in place to curb downtime issues is a top concern of decision-makers – even outweighing fear over security breaches.

Understanding and identifying these issues is key. Not having someone on hand to quickly address them is part of the problem that causes larger losses from downtime than needed.

How Managed IT Services Can Help

IT managed services help to combat these risks by providing knowledgeable experts offsite who are monitoring and proactively working to keep your business up and running. They can also work in tandem with your in-house IT team in a co-managed IT services setting to ensure the proper protections are in place. The managed services provider keeps a birdseye view on any potential problems or threats and detects early warning signs so businesses can take action in real-time.

Even if there isn’t an outage, other issues referred to as “brownouts” where infrastructure and software are not functioning optimally can hurt business. This degraded level of functionality can hamper employees from completing their jobs and even frustrate end-users and customers interacting with employees.

With a team of IT professionals on yourside, you’ll have experts watching and also working on a backup plan in case there is a disaster. These efforts help to get you back up and running quickly – which is essential to curbing the damages caused by an outage.

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