In today’s increasingly digital landscape and the rising cost of cybersecurity threats, employee monitoring practices have come into question as a necessary element for workforces looking to keep their data and networks protected. While monitoring programs will also shed light on the workers who are not getting their work done while on the clock, the main reasons for these programs today is solely to protect the business.

Here’s a closer look at what Americans are saying about employee monitoring programs that is surprising.

According to a recent survey by The Harris Poll, 64 percent of Americans said that it is the employers right to monitor their employees’ activities on their work-issued and personal devices when they are used to perform work tasks.

These aren’t the old monitoring systems of the past that would measure keystrokes and invade the privacy of workers. Instead, new secure monitoring systems anonymize data and reviews are only conducted after a threat is found to uncover the source.

While many are in agreeance about the right to monitor employee’s digital usage, there is also a need for employers to be honest and upfront about their practices to remove the current ‘big brother’ stigma from monitoring practices. Informing employees about the necessity to monitor for security and that it will also protect them, is a key driving point.

HR Departments are also tasked with setting rules and safeguards in place to help employees trust that the data being collected about them will not harm them or their jobs. Trust in the employer can easily be lost when discussions of monitoring are not done openly.

In Europe and for any multinational companies, where the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on data privacy is now in play, employees must be told when information is being collected, how it’s used and stored, etc. Some countries have even put strict rules in place on how companies can monitor their employee’s computer use.

Even with all of the security concerns today and rapid technology advancements, there are profound changes happening in today’s businesses that smart companies cannot afford to ignore. It’s important to work with a provider who can tackle your IT concerns and keep your business running smoothly and in compliance at all times.

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