Understanding IT security can be challenging – especially in today’s environment, as it seems new vulnerabilities and sophisticated attacks are being discovered daily. Working with a managed service provider (MSP) who also specializes in advanced cyber security and compliance solutions takes the pressure of internal staff so they can focus on their core competencies.

Even so, you should still be concerned with staying up-to-date and ensuring your networks are protected from all angles. That’s where network penetration testing can be an amazing tool in your arsenal.  Here’s why.

Testing Keeps You on Your Toes

While IT security defenses can vary from organization to organization. In industries like financial institutions and credit unions for example, a firewall or antivirus software is simply not enough. Even if you have a dedicated team using software and solutions for protection, being sure that the tools and tactics they are using are actually working is the only way to know you’re truly protecting your business from potential harm. How do you do that? From the outside.

External Penetration Takes an Outside View

As the name suggests, external penetration testing takes a look at your network and systems from the outside to identify vulnerabilities and how to fix them. Testing for exploits includes trying to penetrate the system as an outside user without login access. This is a great way to identify what new security measures are needed and could save your company tons of time and money in possible issues down the line.  Not only will you be able to understand what new security tools you should be using but also if the current tools are doing their job or could be replaced and reduce costs.

Being Proactive is Key

Since the security landscape is so complex today, it’s important to remain proactive about testing your networks. Not just internally, but purposely using an ethical hack to discover if your network can be penetrated and what information would be exposed if so. A recommendation of 12-18 months between external penetration tests (or more frequently where regulations require) will ensure network integrity and allow you to be proactive about any holes.

ASG Information Technologies provides External Penetration Testing along with a host of other services as part of it’s Advanced Risks, Vulnerability & Compliance Services. Increase your IT security defense against cyber criminals and avoid data breaches as well as possible regulatory fines.

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