While New Year’s resolutions often make us think of dieting and the gym, the truth is that even our IT systems could use a little beginning of the year reevaluation. In fact, January is a great time for a full-scale computer and software clean-up for your business. The following are some recommendations so you can begin 2020 with a better “tech face.”

Give Your Security a Check-up

While you may do regular scans using your chosen anti-virus solution, is it doing all it can to keep your computer systems protected? Criminals don’t sleep when it comes to new and innovative ways to worm their way into your personal information and bank accounts, so your digital safety nets shouldn’t remain static.

Software updates are a great way to ensure everything is in good working order. (In other words, stop clicking the little reminder windows away…it’s time to buckle down and run the updates!) There are likely revisions that you need to run to repair security holes that have been discovered and fix or remove computer bugs. Updates can also add new features to your devices and remove outdated ones. At this time, it’s not a bad idea to make sure your operating system is running the latest version.

Cut Down on the Junk

It’s impossible to avoid spam, but you can cut down on some of it. Hopefully, your chosen email client gets rid of the worst of it, but over the year, it’s likely that you’ve wound up on dozens, if not hundreds, of email marketing lists. Make a resolution to unsubscribe from several email lists each day, so once 2019 really gets moving, you can spend less time deleting junk from your inbox.

Evaluate Your Business Software

The truth is that many – if not most – companies are using at least one application that everyone hates. It may be that it’s slow and outdated. It may be that it’s cumbersome to use, or unreliable. In fact, it may be costing you money in lost productivity, poor information or lost customer goodwill. January is a great time to collect employee feedback on your current business applications and see if there isn’t at least one that should be slated for the scrapheap.

Chances are, there is something infinitely better and easier to use that will make your business more efficient, and thanks to cloud-based delivery, it’s likely very affordable. If you’re not certain what your alternatives are, make an appointment with an IT consultant to discuss options.

Get Professional Recommendations

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