Hurricane season presents unique issues for areas located along the coast. In both Connecticut and Florida, the risk for floods, high winds, and power outages increase during storm season.

The 2018 hurricane season is already predicted to produce up to 7 hurricanes and will be slightly more active than normal, so the possibilities of downtime or outages happening should not be taken lightly.

For business owners and IT teams, it means ensuring disruption to operations isn’t an issue. Downtime can be costly and without proper backup and recovery services, it’s possible for a business to come to a crippling halt. Some have even had to close up shop altogether.

Here are the key ways to prepare your business for hurricane season.

Have a Backup & Emergency Plan

In order to plan sufficiently for a disaster happening it’s important to understand the full picture of your operations. Taking inventory of the current protections you have in place, what a possible outage would require to restore operations and understanding your infrastructure is an important starting place. Once you have these details you’ll need to work with decision makers and IT professionals to create a clear and flexible plan for responding to possible disasters. This plan should be written and explained to all those it will involve. Things such as how to get employee stations up, restoring communications and keeping networks running should all be part of the plan.

In addition to planning steps to keep operations moving, you’ll need to have back-ups you can rely on and use when an emergency strikes. While regular back-ups should already be a part of your plan, especially before the threat of a large storm, it’s important to also have a trusted server offsite and somewhere that won’t be affected by local weather issues that you can depend on using in the event that a power outage strikes.

Work with a Trusted IT Services Provider

Working with a team of professionals dedicated to keeping your operations up and running is a wise choice. Managed service providers prevent computer and network problems and keep data secure so business can continue working efficiently regardless of the weather conditions or other disasters happening.

ASG Information Technologies works with small and medium-sized businesses to help back up their data in off-site locations in preparation for natural disasters and other risks. Don’t wait. As storm season progresses, it’s time to get your data backed up.

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