Businesses today are grappling with alarming rates of security breaches and hacks and coming to terms with the fact that a hyper-focus on security measures must be taken if they want to remain safe and stay in business.

While some businesses are migrating to the cloud and leaving the maintenance and hosting of their servers to professionals, there are some that still maintain in-house server rooms and even those operations that must to remain compliant. For these businesses, physical access security is detrimental. That means understanding the risks present in the workplace and ways to keep what’s behind the server room door as protected as possible.

Here are some of the dangers to keep in mind.

Temperature Problems

Since computers and electronic equipment that is running at all times is being housed here, it’s important to have temperature controls in place. To help keep computers working optimally it should never exceed 72 degrees with no more than 55% humidity in a server room. Keeping rooms dark and away from windows is also a great way to keep heat from entering the space and causing issues. When there is too much heat a threat for can also fire arise.

The simple overheating of a machine or electrical failure can spark a detrimental fire in your server room. Make sure there is enough air flowing through servers and racks and that power outages don’t put this room at risk for extreme temperatures.


It goes without saying that a server room without locks or any access control in place is an open invitation for theft. Whether an unauthorized employee wanders in or there’s a break-in after hours, failing to have proper security in place is a serious problem for many companies.

In addition to stolen intellectual property and trade secrets, equipment could end up damaged and depending on the circumstances, employees could be harmed. If you’re unable to keep your servers housed at a dedicated data center, then investing in physical security measures is critical. Utilize surveillance cameras, keep an alarm on at all time and add identity access controls such as key fobs or fingerprint readers. You can also bolt servers to the floor – do whatever it takes to keep your business safe and running.

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