The topic of privacy in the workplace is a sensitive one. On one hand, knowing what’s happening on your premises, via your networks and during your work hours is important. But on the other hand, there is a fine line between monitoring for productivity and crossing privacy boundaries and straining relationships.

Before you totally forego monitoring employees because you’re worried about keeping an even balance, here are some ideas on why and how to monitor employees in a fair and non-invasive way.

Monitoring for Productivity

In workplaces where computer and Internet use is necessary, it is very easy for employees to become distracted or tempted to check social network updates, shop online or search for sports scores.  As they get lost online doing these tasks, productivity is reduced greatly. In addition to setting policies and rules in place for proper computer use, you can use technologies to measure things like keystrokes, websites visited and even communications.

But how much of this monitoring can be done before workplace culture is damaged and workers loose motivation to work because they feel every move they make is being watched.

Instead you should create an open policy on what will be monitored and when so that there is a mutual understanding of expectations and a sense of trust while still ensuring work is getting done.

Monitoring for Security

Another huge issue with using the Internet to do work is that there are so many viruses and other security issues lurking on websites. One wrong click can put the whole company at risk. This becomes even more difficult to monitor in workplaces that allow BYOD but there are still ways to protect your business.

Maintaining security at your business while remaining compliant with laws and keeping a good company culture are the key things to focus on when considering employee monitoring options.

In addition to educating employees on security practices and safe use of the Internet and mobile devices, you should also enforce password changes and software updates at regular schedules.

If you’re looking to improve productivity and security in your workplace but want to be sure it’s done correctly, contact ASG Information Technologies today!