As a small business, it’s important to have all your defenses up especially when it comes to security measures. The amount of risk to your customers and investors is too great to ignore the problem.

A study just released by Positive Technologies has found that cybersecurity incidents are up 32 percent since the same period last year and interest from hackers in data and using malware to get it, is up 75 percent.

As a smaller business, the idea is that you have less capital to invest in sophisticated technologies.  Criminals are hoping of exploiting or stealing data through vulnerabilities you may have missed.

What You Can Do About Security

As a small business that doesn’t mean you have to navigate the waters unprotected. There are many technologies available and thanks to the cloud, the ability for expert IT teams to assist remotely with managing security around the clock.

In addition to partnering with a responsible managed IT solutions provider, here are some of the easy things you can do to start improving security.

Monitor the Human Component

One of the biggest risks to security that remains for all size businesses are those located within the office walls. Most employees admit risky behaviors at work – like checking personal emails or clicking on suspicious emails that seemed legit and closing the window quickly. The only way to stop this behavior is to keep employees aware of potential threats and training them on the best way to handle security at work. Set-up a policy and plan focused on these requirements and ensure employees follow accordingly to protect your business and customers.

Don’t Skimp on Malware Protection

With the Positive Technologies research uncovering the sharp increase in malware attack interest from criminals, it’s more important than ever to keep strong protections in place at all time. Anti-virus protections should be able to identify the most recent threats and stop them in their tracks. Keep this software and subscriptions up to date to ensure your systems are never put at risk.

ASG Information Technologies’ security services are a cost-effective way to keep all your company’s bases covered.  With actively managed firewalls, password management, spam filtering, virus monitoring, server security, and employee monitoring we can help prevent you from losing everything to cybercrime.

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