Threats to cybersecurity are still very real on a global scale. Today businesses across industries and of all sizes are taking steps to protect their operations from a breach. For credit unions, the need to mitigate risks and maintain proper protections is especially critical.

The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), recommends that credit unions have a rapid response plan and established processes in place to improve their security posture so they may react quickly should a cyber incident occur.

Partnering with an IT managed services provider that can assist with the responsibilities in-house IT teams face is a great way to ensure there are no interruptions, outages, or attacks that make their way through the network.

At ASG, we are committed to delivering co-managed services to financial institutions such as credit unions. Since 1997 we have been providing expert IT support and maintain strict adherence to all compliance requirements so businesses can focus on their customers and deliver exceptional services.

John Gasiorowski

We recently took some time to speak with John Gasiorowski, Chief Financial Officer at State Police Credit Union. We asked the longtime ASG client a few questions about how our services have helped the credit union to stay protected and productive. The full interview is below.

How has working with ASG improved business and IT functionality?

ASG takes care of our technology needs so we can focus our attention on the needs of our business, which is to promote the financial thrift of our members.  Without having to constantly think of the ever-changing and evolving trends in the IT world, we can concentrate on serving our members.  Not having to dedicate an entire department to IT saves our credit union money each and every month.  It is these savings that we can provide our members with superior market rates on both the share and loan side of the balance sheet.

What has been the most significant benefit your company has seen since working with ASG Information Technologies and our DirectLinx Managed Services Support?

NCUA continues to view threats to cybersecurity preparedness as a top priority in its annual audits. ASG provides solutions to our network and systems to mitigate these threats.

What do you feel we do better than other IT firms you have worked with in the past?

I have worked with other outside firms and with our internal IT dept. ASG is more responsive and knowledgeable, and they will not stop until the problem/issue has been resolved to your satisfaction. They provide a timely response, corrective action, and great personal relationships.  ASG is truly an extension of the credit union family.

How does working with ASG make your job function easier?

As CFO, I rarely have time to read computer and technical articles needed to stay compliant in today’s world.  The ASG team has a strong handle on that, and we have positive grades from our examiners on each of the audits I have been involved in during my tenure at state Police Credit Union.

If someone were on the fence about choosing us as their IT firm, what would you say to them?

Like the 1970s FRAM oil filter stated, “You can pay a little now, or a whole lot more later on.” Cybersecurity is a legit threat. Loss of data would crush a company’s reputation as well as its finances. ASG adapts to software specific to our credit union, and this increases the worth of their support.

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