There’s no doubt about it, security is an important concern for businesses of all sizes. The size and sophistication of attacks have the potential to take down the largest enterprises and even force businesses to close their doors in worst case scenarios. Being vigilant about security measures is critical even for the smallest businesses.

Adding to these concerns is the risk that tax season brings. Criminals targeting data crossing networks during this time is at an all-time high. Experts are warning businesses to arm themselves with tools and practices that lessen the risk of identity theft or a cyber security breach. Here are some tips to consider for this tax season.

Why Tax Season Can Leave You Vulnerable

Criminals seeking to obtain personal and identifying information are already starting to crop up. Scam phone calls and emails trying to get employee W-2s from payroll and finance departments are topping the list this year. This is in addition to the well-known scam emails appearing to be from the IRS which have been around for some years now. The IRS warns it will never initiate communications with someone via email or a phone call so be cautious when you receive those communications. You should never share personal or identifying information about yourself or any of your employees.

What You Should Be Doing this Tax Season

Small business owners should not only be aware of the various scams that have been made public but keep close watch of their data and information. A great tip is to stay organized so you can easily find, store and call up financial data when needed. Keeping your security software up-to-date is also a critical step in protecting data crossing your network. The extra time and budget spent to protect data and keep your business safe is far easier to deal with than cleaning up the aftermath of a breach or other security issue.

Get Help from ASG Information Technologies

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