Think about many of the software applications you use to run your organization. There may be dozens of them, which you have acquired from 3rd party vendors.  The simplest example would be a word processing package, such as Microsoft Word. You don’t sit around thinking about how to design the optimal package. You rely on designers at Microsoft or Apple to do the market research and testing to design a package that most effectively meets the needs of enterprise users. So why would you distract your resources by trying to design and maintain your IT infrastructure?

Technology for most businesses is a tool, not the core mission of the organization. As a manager, you probably don’t have the deep technology background and expertise to keep up with ongoing technology developments that might help transform and push your business into the future. MSPs, on the other hand, are focused entirely on technology and have the exposure to new developments and applications that might have strategic value to your business. Your plans for expansion and growth could benefit from the input of people with an understanding of how technology could underpin your strategic planning. Many MSPs focus on specific industries so they bring a deep understanding of the needs and goals of those businesses. The best MSP can work within your organization, taking the time to understand your operational needs as well as your strategic planning.

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