Social media is ubiquitous today. We use it to remain in touch with friends and family, and even to meet new people. It can act as moral support, digital flirtation and provide us with job networking opportunities. It feels highly personal, so many people don’t hesitate to share lots of details about their lives. It’s also important to remember though that oversharing can have consequences, not just in personal life, but in our jobs. In some cases, social media posts can be used against employees in the workplace.

Here are some key things to consider when it comes to social media use in the workplace.

Social Media is a “Soft Target”

Companies spend a lot of money on information security each year in an effort to keep customer information safe and avoid being hacked, doxxed or blackmailed. While they’re focused on the IT infrastructure, they have a tendency to forget softer targets for bad actors, which include call centers and individual employees’ social media profiles. While employees may not intend to broadcast confidential business information in their social media profiles, determined hackers are patient and smart, and willing to pose as “friends of friends” to gain access to employees and their personal information.

Have Your Employees Review Their Social Media Privacy

It’s important that workers – particularly those with access to critical systems – put high privacy settings on their social media accounts. For the most widely used social media platforms, the privacy settings can be accessed as follows:

Facebook: Settings > Privacy > How People Find and Contact You

Twitter: More > Settings and Privacy > Privacy and Safety

LinkedIn: “Me” > Settings & Privacy > Privacy

Instagram: More > Settings > Privacy

The Risk of Employee Impersonation

Ask employees to be aware of the potential of impersonation, when a hacker might create a profile that resembles them (complete with photo) to connect with other employees and request confidential information. Have them red-flag any suspicious activity in their social media accounts immediately to your designated IT security person.

Have Your Business Evaluated for Soft-Target Risks

Social media is just one of the soft targets that hackers and phishers have their sites set on. Ensure your business is protected at all its weakest spots.  At ASG Information Technologies, our managed services include IT consulting for companies looking to improve their security protocols. We offer IT services for small to mid-sized businesses in a variety of vertical industries such as accounting, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, insurance, and banking. For more information about how to improve your business’ IT security, call 203-440-4413 or visit our web site.