Understanding Break/Fix

What is Break/Fix?

Break/Fix is the fee-for-service method of providing information technology (IT) services. IT solution providers perform tasks as-needed, and only bill customers for completed work. 

Services include installations, upgrades, and repairs, for components, networks, peripheral equipment, software, and other systems. 

Break/Fix appeals to many business owners because it lowers the initial cost of IT maintenance.

Problems with Break/Fix

A cost-centric approach to maintenance is reactive rather than proactive. Minor issues often remain unaddressed, and escalate into significant (and expensive) IT challenges.

Furthermore, unscrupulous providers are incentivized to use inefficient or malicious means to increase their workload and revenue.

The Alternative to Break/Fix

In an increasingly digitized world, technology should not be a hindrance to your business. An ongoing relationship with an IT maintenance provider can help transform your technology into an asset. 

By offering proactive and preventative services, including Managed IT Support, IT Consulting, Data Backup & Recovery, and Network & Data Security, providers like ASG prevent minor IT issues from resulting in costly repairs or downtime.

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