Businesses today are under more pressure than ever to keep their networks and premises safe from the threat of hackers. Whether its phone and email communications over the Web, or heightened security at physical locations, protecting the workplace and intellectual property is of extreme importance.

Since servers are really the backbone of the operations, their security cannot be taken lightly. Particularly as sophisticated attacks continue to occur. Who’s to say a disgruntled employee or someone with a stolen access card won’t enter your server room and tamper with or damage your businesses most important elements? You cannot risk this in 2018.

Beat the odds by ensuring your server room is secure and well monitored.

Ramp up Access Security

Since your server room houses such important information and hardware, it makes sense to keep the room locked and secure and to only allow access to those who must use or manage the machines. Limiting the number of people who have access to your server room and monitoring those who do come and go more closely are the best way to track down improper use. Whether you use key cards, fingerprint readers or have video monitoring for each person who comes and goes, it will be easier to track down who is responsible for potential issues if they occur.

Keep Heat in Control

Hackers aren’t the only threat to your server room. Heat is also a huge problem. Since computers generate a lot of heat, you’ll have to manage the temperature of the room and install extra fans and cooling equipment. Server rooms that aren’t cooled properly can easily cause a fire, system failures and even damage. Think about how hard and fast equipment is working to deliver information and work at fast enough speeds. The recommendation of no more than 74 degrees Fahrenheit and less than 50 percent humidity is not to be taken lightly.

Are you ready to get your server room protected and secure?

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